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  1. Which instruments do you teach?
  2. Which ages do you teach?
  3. Do you teach beginners?
  4. How long do lessons last and how often should I have them?
  5. What is your availability and where do you teach?
  6. How much does one lesson cost and how do you prefer to be paid?
  7. What happens if I have to cancel a lesson at the last minute?
  8. What happens during a typical lesson?
  9. Should I take examinations in my instrument and which examinations do you recommend?
  10. Have your other students been successful in their examinations?
  11. How qualified are you at teaching instrumental music lessons?
  12. What have other students said about your lessons?
  13. Can you recommend resources I can use to help me with my continued musical development?
  14. What is your Privacy/Data Policy?