1. Lesson Times
    I recommend that beginners should start with half an hour lessons (regardless of their age).
    Once a students begins to prepare for examinations (e.g. Grades 1-4) then forty-five minute lessons are advised.
    For the later examinations a whole hour is more appropriate.
  2. Frequency of Lessons
    School-age students are advised to attend a lesson once every week. If they require extra guidance before an examination then a second or even third lesson in the week can be organised.
    For adult learners, I leave it to their own discretion, however once a fortnight is recommended.
  3. Price of Lessons
    £10 = 30mins
    £15 = 45mins
    £20 = 60mins

    Travel to me:
    £12 = 30mins
    £18 = 45mins
    £24 = 60mins

    Travel to you:
    (Dependent on distance and time spent travelling)
    £6 extra   <=   5 mile radius of Witham St Hughs
    £12 extra <= 10 mile radius of Witham St Hughs
    £18 extra <= 15 mile radius of Witham St Hughs
    £24 extra <= 20 mile radius of Witham St Hughs

    Remember: The first lesson is considered to be an advice lesson, therefore it is always free of charge

    You can pay me via Bank Transfer (just ask for my bank details during your second lesson) or in cash

    You do not have to pay for lessons in advance

  4. Lesson Content
    For each instrument I teach, a you will follow a programme of study. To progress to the next stage of the programme you would need to prove through performance that you are capable of playing those pieces and have a grasp of the technical skills required.Once you finish the “apprenticeship” stage you can begin branching out and learning different styles and pieces and/or embarking on examination work.

    The “apprenticeship” music is included in the links below: